Why Design with WordPress

Creating websites can be done using various platforms, for me the most popular is WordPress. As a Hawaii web designer, I can tell you that WordPress is a superior website creation tool, because it is very powerful, easy to use and versatile. Thousands of other web designers and professional companies across the globe echo these comments. When it comes to facts and figures, WordPress leads the charts above any other CMS platform when it comes to the number of websites online, with almost 20 million WordPress websites already made.

The reason why so many people design websites with WordPress is because  there is a fantastic support community where people help each other out and create “plugins”, or bits of code which can be downloaded as a package to perform a specific function. WordPress is free to use and therefore it is up to the general public to provide resources. Many resources are free or low in cost to use, and easily accessible.

At Onyx Solution, we create a unique design, and then give clients simple instructions allowing them to keep their site updated themselves. This is essential for businesses that wish to keep customers up to date with a blog or news section, or make regular changes to company and product details. Hawaii Web Designers that DO NOT use CMS will have to make any updates or changes themselves; which can be both inconvenient and costly for clients.

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