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2015 Web Design Trends

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Images-Bigger & Better Images have always been important to use on your website and social media, but in 2015, images will take center stage. It is now more important than ever to make sure you attach an image to just about everything. Additionally, the image should be excellent quality and the bigger it is, the […]

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Good Logo, Bad Logo

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The logo of a company is their identifier, the forefront to brand recognition, especially in this digital 2 second attention span era. The logo is the keystone to your brand identity, and it will eventually be on everything from coffee mugs to logo mats, baseball caps and mouse pads – not to mention business cards […]

Boost Your Online Presence

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The last ten years has seen business and marketing absolutely transformed. Whilst in years gone by businesses operated from a stationary location, and marketing and advertising involved the utilisation of television, radio and print; the advent of the Internet has turned the business world on its head. Today those in retail will rarely operate solely […]

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