How to Tell a Good Hawaii Web Designer from a Great One?

Looking through web design portfolios and testimonials, it can be difficult to tell how good one creative designer is when compared to the next. This can be especially true for small business owners in Hawaii, who might not have a great feel for all of the things that come after an initial layout, like online marketing, search engine optimization, and coding for a commercial website.

So how can you tell the difference between a good Hawaii web designer and a great one?
The good news is it’s not impossible, but the bad news is that you’ll often have to look a little further beneath the surface. That’s because, while seeing examples of the company’s previous work can be helpful, they might not tell the whole story.
My advice would be to check out all the marketing materials like you normally would, but don’t stop there. Instead of simply deciding that what you see looks great and signing a contract, try to talk to a few of your prospective designers in person.

The difference between a very good web design team and one that’s really great isn’t always obvious at first glance, or when you first start working with them. That’s because the true test of the value received doesn’t show up on the first day – it comes much later when the website has paid for itself several times over. It might be a lot easier to just compare samples and make a decision, but by looking for long-term impressions, you make it a lot easier to choose a small business Hawaii web designer that you’re going to be happy with later on.

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